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Will Bing ever make any in roads on Google’s Search Market Share

Region Bing Market Share (Dec ‘11)

France    2%
Russia    1%
Spain      1%
Germany 2%
UK         5%
Italy      1%

Recently I was looking at the search engine market shares and noticed that even though Bing has had some heavy investment in marketing spend in recent years to make this a challenger search brand to Google, it still hasn’t made much impact in terms of search market share in Europe. As you can see from the above table Bing’s market share is low with the biggest share gained in the UK with 5% and this probably relates to the large MSN user base. In Russia, Spain and Italy its share is hovering at just 1%. Even though these results see little impact on Google’s dominance on the search market (Google’s market share ranges from 90% to 95% dependent on the Euorpean country with the exception to Russia where Google is the contender brand to Yandex), I still believe that you need a balanced approach in your search engine optimisation strategy and plan and that it is not sufficient to just focus on Google, although as the market leader it should take a prominence in your search strategy, but you should not solely focus on one engine.

I wonder what Bing’s market share will be in December 2012? I’ll revisit this post then.