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Day Six Island Hopping around the Balearics - Es Castell, Menorca to Palma, Majorca

It was groundhog day for me again, but in a nice way. After breakfast I did the stretch class and then spent the day lounging by the pool before heading to Palma. The flight to Palma was quick, we were only in the air for 20 minutes, in fact it took me longer to get out of the airport than fly to Majorca. And I couldn’t fault Air Berlin being cheap, reliable and timely, very Germanic, the flight was perfect. Originally I had planned to board a ferry from Mahon to Palma, as I thought it would be nice to arrive by boat, but ferries between the Balearic Islands are infrequent and the logistics didn’t workout for me.

As a change I decided to take the airport bus to my hotel, it was incredibly cheap at 3 Euros into the city. There was quite a lot of traffic into Palma, probably a blessing I took the bus rather than queuing with the taxi clock ticking away. If you’re not staying in the city, then a taxi to your hotel is probably better than the bus. The short bus ride has helped me identify a few places within the city. In comparison to British cities, Palma it is very small, I think we’ll probably investigate it on foot tomorrow. I have to say I really like the buzz and feel of Palma over Es Castell. Menorca was nice for a few days to chill and relax, but it would drive me mad if I stayed any longer. Palma is mostly definitely Summer in a The City. :-) And being a city girl at heart I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my stay here.

Tonight a couple of girlfriends join me in Palma, I can’t wait! It will be great to see them, as well as have a belated birthday celebration. Happy days! :-)

Peace and love to you all!

Day Five Island Hopping around the Balearics - La Mola Fortalesa Isabel II, Sa Malo, Menorca #LP

There was no yoga class this morning, so I decided to hire a mountain bike and cycle from Es Castell to Sa Mola. How difficult could that be? Well, on the map it looked easy following the coastal road and harbour, but I underestimated the distance and mostly importantly how hilly it was. In my nativity I thought it might be flat! How wrong was I? Although, it was quite a distance, it was well worth arriving at La Mola Fortalesa Isabel II (otherwise known as La Mola Menorca). To my amazement I was allowed to cycle around the the fort grounds, as well as inside the vast fort rooms. It was a spectacular experience and so much more fun than walking around the fortress. If you drive to La Mola and need some help getting around the fort, then you can hire golf buggies, but I would definitely recommend you cycle there if you’re reasonably fit.

On my way back to the hotel I needed a lot of self talking to get myself up those hills and as I arrived in Mahon, I was exhausted and very much looking forward to getting back to the hotel and having a nice long hot shower. By the time I’d arrived at the hotel, I looked rather decidedly dishevelled with most of my spray tanned sweated off and somewhat wild hair. Lucky for me I had booked an evening of pampering with a facial and full body peel followed by a spa session, which was much welcomed.

This is my last night in Menorca, tomorrow evening I’ll be flying to Palma, Majorca. Would I come back to Menorca? Only if I was travelling with a partner or a family.

Night night! Peace and love to you all!

Day Four Island Hopping around the Balearics - Es Castell, Menorca #LP

I’ve had another lazy day again in Menorca, catching up on sleep and relaxing. So, I went to yoga this morning and the teacher asked me to lead part of the class, it was my first time doing this, but I was a natural, as I’ve been practicing for many years. I taught sun salutations to a beginners group, it was was brilliant and the other students liked it too. I really enjoyed the experience and it is something that interests me a lot. In the past I’ve thought about teaching yoga, but I need to commit to studying for three years and it’s probably not the right time at the moment to start a yoga teacher training course. Ultimately, I’d like to teach free yoga to people at risk, the underprivileged and those that can’t afford to take yoga classes. I think it is important to give something back to the community where you live, so I’ll make this a life goal and hopefully qualify as a yoga teacher in the next five years. It would be nice to give the gift of yoga to more people to benefit from.

Finally, I spent the evening in the spa and that’s been my day.

Peace and love to you all!

Day Three Island Hopping around the Balearics - Es Castell, Menorca #LP

Today can be summed up in a few words; good food, yoga, cocktails, pool, swimming and lots of relaxation. I have a few more days in Menorca chilling, then I’m off on my next flight to Palma to meet up with some dear friends. I can’t wait! I had initially planned to get the ferry from Mahon to Palma, but the logistics were too great and I’ve opted for the easier option with a quick 30 minute flight.

Peace and love to you all!

Day Two Island Hopping around the Balearics - Es Castell, Menorca #LP

Today I’ve spent a lazy day in the hotel. I went to yoga/stretch this morning and the teacher said I should be taking the class, I guess because I was more experienced, but I was quite happy just going with the flow and enjoying the class. This was followed by some pampering and a rest, I need to recharge my batteries!

Then I lazed around the pool. This is the first time in years I’ve stayed in a hotel of professional sunbathers, some were mahogany brown others sporting a sore looking lobster red colour. God knows what their skin is going to look like in 20 or 30 years. Anyway, that’s not a worry or concern for me. The pool and Apple Martini time was welcomed, after which I headed to the Sky Bar for a Jacuzzi, music and more cocktails.

Needed to crank up my exercise before I head over to Palma later this week. So, that’s all from me today.

Peace and love to you all!